Thursday, January 1, 2015

Matt 7:22 προεφητευσαμεν

A few manuscripts (ℵ B* C L W Z f13 33 pc), followed by Bover, Greeven, Lachmann, Merk, Soden, Tischendorf (7th, 8th), and Vogels, have επροφητευσαμεν with the augment before the preposition of the compound verb rather than after it, while all the rest exhibit προεφητευσαμεν (B2 E G K M O S U V X Δ Π Σ Φ Ω 047. 0211 Byz f1.35 565. 1424. 1500. 2224). Although the general rule is that the augment of compound verbs be placed after the prefixed preposition, the preposed augment with προφητευω frequently appears in both early and later Greek authors. The divided manuscript evidence in other places (see below) indicates that both forms were used in the early period. Obviously the Egyptian orthographical preference was for the preposed augment, but most manuscripts elsewhere maintained the "regular" form. Interestingly, the editors of NA27/28 reject the preposed augment of p72 B* in Jude 14, but accept it in the other passages below.

Matt 11:13
προεφητευσαν - B2 E F G K L M N S U V W Y Θ Γ Π Σ Φ Ω Byz f35 565. 1424
επροφητευσαν - ℵ B* C D Z f1.13 33
προφητευσαν - Δ

Matt 15:7
προεφητευσεν - B2 E F G K M N S U V W X Γ Π Σ Φ Ω Byz f1.13.35 33. 565. 1424
επροφητευσεν - ℵ B* C D L Θ
προφητευσεν - Δ

Mark 7:6 (|| Matt 15:7)
προεφητευσεν - A B2 E F G H K M S U X Y Γ Π Σ Φ Ω Byz f1.35 1424
επροφητευσεν - ℵ* B* D L Δ Θ f13 33. 565

Luke 1:67
προεφητευσεν - Β2 Ε F G H K M U Y Γ Δ Ω Byz f35 1424
επροφητευσεν - p4vid ℵ* A B* C L W Θ Ψ f1.13 33. 565
επροεφητευσεν - Λ Π
προφητευσεν - 0130

John 11:51
προεφητευσεν - A Ε G H I K S U W Y Γ Δ Λ Π Ψ Ω Byz f1.13.35 565. 1424
επροφητευσεν - p45.66.75vid ℵ B D L X Θ 33
προφητευσεν - M

Acts 19:6
προεφητευον - E G H L P Ψ 049. 056 Byz f35 1424
επροφητευον - p74vid ℵ A B D 

Jude 14
προεφητευσεν - A B2 C Ψ 049 Byz f35 1424
επροφητευσεν - p72 B*
προεπροφητευσεν - ℵ

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