Friday, October 8, 2010

Matt 1:13 Ελιακειμ Ελιακειμ

The insignificant spelling variation Ελιακιμ found in a minority of manuscripts (M V Π) was retained by NA27 probably for purposes of orthographic standardization. Yet there is little need to standardize Ελιακειμ, a name that occurs only here and in Luke 3:30 (where only Σ [for the first occurrence] 33 892 1396 have Ελιακιμ), since it is written as Ελιακειμ by the vast consensus of all Greek manuscripts in both places, including in this place by ℵ B C E K L U W Δ Θ f1.13 33. Therefore, Ελιακειμ is to be preferred. Cf. also the comment on Matt 1:14 Αχειμ Αχειμ.

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