Thursday, October 7, 2010

Matt 1:5 Ωβηδ . . . Ωβηδ

Wettstein (1:228) mentions Jerome's opinion in De situ et nominibus locorum Hebraicorum (PL 28:889) that Ιωβηδ (p1 ℵ B C* Δ), a variation that also appears in Luke 3:32, perhaps arose because Job was more familiar to scribes than Obed. Griesbach (1:10) observes in addition that Obed occasionally appears as Ιωβηδ in a few manuscripts of the LXX and that Hebrew names in both testaments often begin with Ιω-, a circumstance that would have led scribes to assimilate the less familiar orthography of Ωβηδ to the more familiar orthography of other names, and thus the spelling found in the majority of manuscripts (Ωβηδ) is to be preferred.

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