Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matt 2:22 Ηρωδου του πατρος αυτου

Reflecting either individual preference or an emphasis on Archelaus' relationship to Herod the Great, a handful of manuscripts (ℵ B C* W) transpose the words to read του πατρος αυτου Ηρωδου, a stylistic adjustment similar to that made by two of the same manuscripts (ℵ B) in Matt 2:3. Such a word order usually reflects emphasis of some kind, and is not uncommon (Mark 11:10; Luke 1:59; John 4:12; cf. also Mark 1:20; Luke 1:59; John 4:12; 8:39, 53; Acts 2:16; 8:28, 30, etc.). Since the word order of the few copies is extremely isolated and, were it original, should hardly have caused all other copies and versions to alter it given its familiarity to scribes, the consensus reading is to be preferred.

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